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Buyer Protection



    Your safety and satisfaction is our mission.Buyer Protection is a free service by StoneGroupon designed to create trust in stone trade.You can open a dispute 7 days  before you confirm delivery of your order ,as followings happen : 

    (I) Item Not Received, 

    (II) Item Not Delivered on Time, 

    (III) Item Not As Described, and 

    (IV) Item Received but Damaged


    You can get Returns and Refunds : 

    (I) Item Returned, 

    (II) Full Refunds, 

    (III) Partial Refund and also Keep the Item.


    What is not covered by "Buyer Protection"?

    1. Disputes for any reason other than late shipment or failure to meet the product quality requirements as agreed in your order.

    2. Goods damaged during unloading or by inaccurate picking up .
    3. Goods which were shipped on time but did not arrive because of reasons out of the control.
    4. Goods have arrived in your port after 3 weeks.



    When could I open a dispute?


    We hope you will have a good experience on buying the stone products from StoneGroupon, if your order is not shipped on time as stated or your products do not meet the quality requirements,please contact Broker 7 days before you confirm delivery of your order. Such as the products have arrive in Sept 20th,you'd better open a dispute on and before 27th if you think this is necessary.
    StoneGroupon will go into investigation and reply you within 24 hours after you open a dispute.


    How long could I get Returns and Refunds?


    We provide a set of protections to give you assurance that the factory will honor key terms of your order. After the investigation and negotiation by StoneGroupon, we will offer you an solution for your approval.And the Returns and Refunds would be done with 4~7 days.



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