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    StoneGroupon’s success can not separate from the support of the suppliers(the stone factories). Our mission is to save the buyers every penny and every minute, which requires us to choose the most competent suppliers to ensure every product bears competitive advantages for the buyers, including product quality , price and delivery etc.

    StoneGroupon is a team of professionals with nearly 20 years of experience in stone trade. WWW.StoneGroupon.COM is a newly leading online marketplace for buyer to source and purchase. StoneGroupon, by full use of the advantages of the internet and big data, is committed to build natural stone supplying chain by integrating natural stone production, processing and marketing and make the stone trade more transparment,more efficient and more convenient. 

    Of course, we also hope that , through a stable bulk purchases , we can help our suppliers to grow with us, and be a leader in their specific product area.

1:  What can we benefit from StoneGroupon after joining the supplying chain?

    There are hundreds of stone buyers from around the world visiting our website for sourcing and purchasing ,furthermore ,many stonebrokers full of experience will help you to gain access to the right buyers directly on behalf your interests, You can 


    Grow your business and expand your market 

    Online marketing with adavnced features and lower the cost in marketing

    Win good reputation after your finished job
    Focus on your product in order to make it more competitive

2:Does StoneGroupon ask for any charge, if I join the supplying chain ?

    Good news that StoneGroupon does not ask for any charge till now,including the commission,transfer fee, except the bank charge if occured.

    Only on condition that you really are the stone factory and able to be verified.

3:  How can I join the supplying chain ?

    Please contact the Broker directly or send email to, and hand over the documents required

Please contact us if your products are meeting our purchasing requirement.Join our strategic supplier chain now, and sell your product to the global market with StoneGroupon.

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