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Marble aesthetic brand "and still" stunning debut

Landscape stone details

Landscape stone is a garden landscape in the decorative landscape, the role of the landscape has a certain sense of beauty of the stone, also known as the garden Lin Shi, landscape stone, ornamental stone. Landscape stone uses a wide range of landscape design can be seen in its presence, such as square, ...


Stone selection in different regions of the home improvement

Stone background in home improvement is the use of the key, not a stone to put, want to decorate their own characteristics, the best value for the dollar, and to the right of using the characteristics of all kinds of stone, requires each good balance.


Curing method of stone basin

Now many families will choose stone wash basin, looks very high-end atmosphere, but due to the characteristics of the stone itself, its structure exists many small gaps, makes the stains can easily penetrate into the interior of the stone, causing serious pollution of stone. So in a timely manner to the stone ...


Yellow stone kitchen and bathroom and cleaning solutions

Stone tiles are relatively common in the decoration, then it is found to affect the appearance of yellowing, then the usual practical in how to deal with it in the yellow stone tile use? Take a look at small to give you four strokes skills.


Natural stone floor how to maintain

Stone should be conservation concept in the consumer group has been common, different stone types also have different conservation considerations. If you do not pay attention to some details in the course of the stone, the effect will be counterproductive, not only can not stand the protection of the ...


The advantages and applications of natural slate belt -- you know Stone plate

In the Home Furnishing slate popularity, including the aesthetic value in the interior is largely due to the slate. The unique surface provides a design and color variety, all of these are natural.


Common garden Landscaping stone

In the increasing development of the landscape industry today, stone landscape have been common, China is even more so, whether it is a classical garden in the Lingering Garden, where Park, the Humble Administrator's garden or today's Plaza, parks and other, stone landscaping has at home has been widely ...


Introduction of the maintenance procedure of granite stone table

In fact, the granite is very hard stone, especially wear resistance, just need to be able to keep the daily life, but also have a lot of aspects that need attention, otherwise it will affect the texture of granite.


The four elements of the main performance of the garden stone floor

As an integral Department of landscape, landscape pavement mainly through impression combination of different forms of on the road, Kuang, square, perforative visitors tour process from beginning to end, to create the overall image of the space is very important. ...


Granite curing Guide

The regular coating curing agent is an important step in the granite surface nursing. Even if the granite has been polished and also very shiny, it still need regular seal to prevent the granite was dyed or were printed on the stain. Fortunately, granite seal is very simple and easy, just a few hours to complete. ...


How to distinguish marble furniture

Natural marble and artificial marble marble furniture on the market to sell, and natural marble and high quality marble and poor quality of marble, marble furniture selection must first understand the difference. Each piece of natural marble has a unique natural pattern and color, high quality marble ...


Conventional curing method of marble

Marble is a porous material, it is easy to stain. Water used in the cleaning should be less. Regularly with a damp cloth wipe with mild detergent. Then clean and dry with a clean soft cloth. Wear of the marble furniture available to handle, steel wool wipe, and then use the electric polishing machine polishing. ...


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